2019 Program Information

Coaching Staff:

Lynn Coleman: office 465-7138, cell 991-2280, lynn.coleman@mead354.org

Rennie Miller: cell 990-2875, renrich1@comcast.net

Tracie Kuka: cell 701-5038, srkuka@comcast.net


In order to practice, you must do the following before February 25th.

Register Online.

Pay your fees: $40.00 Participation Fee & $45.00 ASB Fee.

Have an up-to-date physical. Freshman and Junior physicals must be dated AFTER June 1.

Please turn your paper physical in to Mrs. Barrington in the Athletics office.

Click here to register:



To be eligible to compete in a match, you must participate in 10 practices.


Attire / Uniforms / Colors: 

Tennis appropriate attire is required for practices. Non-marking court shoes are strongly suggested. Dress warmly in layers; springtime is very cold! Uniforms will be issued to Varsity players to wear on match days. JV and C teams will wear team t-shirts and team sweats designed by the Seniors. You will need to purchase a team t-shirt; team sweats are optional. You will also need ballshorts/spandex to wear under your team skirt.

Players that are not in uniform on match days jeopardize their opportunity to compete. Any accessories, hats, visors, and extra layers must be school colors. Navy Blue, White, or Yellow only will be allowed.


Teams / Placement: 

The breakdown of teams is as follows: 

Varsity = 10 players

JV = 12 players

C Team = 12+ players


Placement on the team will be determined by a ladder tournament. The coaches will seed players into the tournament based on experience and practice performance. Ladder matches will be 2 out of 3 Fast Four sets with a regular 12 pt. tiebreaker for the third. Results will determine initial singles rankings. Coaches will select doubles partners and conduct challenge matches to determine doubles rankings.

Mead Tennis has a No-Cut Policy.

Challenge System: 
A player may change their ranking on the ladder by challenging the player above them. You may only challenge up one position in the top 12; all others may challenge up one or two positions. 
Challenges will be arranged through the coaches on Mondays, and must be completed in a week. Challenges will be allowed the week after the Lewiston tournament, through the week before the Inland Empire Tournament. No more challenges will be allowed after that.
Varsity challenge matches consist of best two out of three sets. 
JV & C challenges are 2 Fast Four sets with a regular, 12pt. tiebreaker for the 3rd.
A player may only play 1 challenge match per day.
Challenges will not take place during practice.
Not being available to challenges may cause you to default, thus lowering your ranking on the ladder.
Singles challenges may not break up doubles teams, unless the coaches approve.
The coaches reserve the right to request specific challenges throughout the season.

Varsity Lettering: 
To earn a varsity letter, a player must compete in eight varsity contests. Additionally, letters may be rewarded for exceptional performance to be determined by the coaches.

Team Captains: 
Captains will be elected after the ladders have been established. Responsibilities include acting as a liaison between the coaches and the players, providing leadership on and off the court, submitting announcements, team bonding, and creating snack and drink schedules.

Any willful or overt act that will embarrass or detract from the team, players, coaches, or Mead High School will jeopardize further participation and placement on any given team. This includes, but is not limited to swearing, yelling, ball/racquet abuse, “tanking” a match, and gamesmanship.

Be on time to practice. Court time is at a premium due to weather, etc. Don’t squander it! If you are absent, sick, or injured, contact your coach before 1:00 p.m. so adjustments can be made. If you miss any part of the school day, you are ineligible for practice or play. The only exception is a medical appointment, and this must be cleared through the attendance office with a note from the doctor’s office. Your third unexcused absence from practice may endanger further participation in tennis.

Match Days: 
In order to play in a match, you must be at practice the day before the match. The only exception would be a conflicting school related event, or an emergent situation.

On-Court Injuries: 
In the event of an on-court injury, contact the coaches immediately!

Team Travel Policy: 
All girls are expected to travel with the team going to an away match. When the match is over, girls will be allowed to leave only with their parent or guardian after the coach has had visual and verbal contact, and obtained a signature from the parent. Failure to follow this procedure will result in after school detention.

Lockers will be assigned the first week of the season. When your season is over, your locker must be emptied and the lock turned in within one week of your last practice. Failure to do so may result in your locker being cleared out and items placed in the lost and found.



A $15.00 Late Fee will be assessed to your account if your uniform or lock is not turned in within one week of the end of your season. A $5.00 Cleaning Fee will be assessed if your uniform is not washed and dried when it is turned in.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact me at Lynn.Coleman@mead354.org

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