Racquet Buying Tips

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a tennis racquet:


1. Grip size:  Please see one of the coaches to determine your correct grip size. The         wrong grip size can lead to injury.


2. Flex / Stiffness:  This is huge! If your racquet is too stiff, your arm WILL start              hurting! This leads to “tennis elbow”/tendonitis which is really hard to get rid of.


3. Weight: If the racquet is too heavy it will lead to early fatigue, if it is too light you          will not be able to control the ball.


4. Length:  A standard adult racquet is 27” long. Do not buy anything that is shorter          than that, or longer than 28”.


5. Head size: Midplus frames range from 95 - 105 sq. inches. Oversize frames range        from 105 - 110 sq. inches. Typically, the larger the head size, the bigger the sweet              spot, but sometimes in a larger headed racquet the stiffness rating will go up.


6. Stringing:  Sometimes when you buy a racquet, you will have to choose string. I            recommend Prince Lightning XX 17 gauge. This is a very good all-around string                that will serve you well. You will also need to provide the tension, (how tight the              racquet is strung). The tension is measured in pounds. Frames are marked what            tension range they can handle. For example, if your frame is marked to string                  between 50 - 60 lbs, have them string at mid-range, or 55 lbs.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact me at Lynn.Coleman@mead354.org

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