Tennis Etiquette for Spectators

Watching tennis matches is different than watching football or basketball. Tennis is a quieter sport, and spectators are expected to follow certain guidelines. It doesn’t mean you can’t recognize great play, it’s just done in a different manner with different timing than other sports. Here are some guidelines to remember:


  • Spectators are not allowed to coach or talk directly to players during a match. Persons other than the coaching staff who talk to players during a match may be asked to leave and can cause point penalties for the players.


  • Spectators should not make complaints about “bad” line calls. Players are solely responsible for resolving all matters on their own. Players/coaches may request line judges if needed.


  • Spectators are not allowed to correct a score or any rule mistakes players make.  


  • Spectators should keep voices respectfully quiet during and just before the beginning of any points. Use your “inside voice” while watching. Please also be mindful of nearby courts.


  • Spectators should not cheer, shout encouragement, or applaud during a point or serve.


  • Applaud for a long rally, well played point, or clean winner. Do not applaud for unforced errors, bad serves or double faults.


  • Enjoy the match !

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